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March 22, 2024

Would definitely recommend Brian, very professional and managed to get me in the day after I called, hearing back to normal.


Super quick, super friendly, super supportive.

March 6, 2024

I was in dire need of getting my ear sorted. I spoke to David on Tues afternoon, he fitted me in Weds morning. I couldn’t have been there more than 10 mins, but oh boy what a difference!

The treatment room is so relaxing and comfortable. David is so friendly and supportive. What had turned into a miserable past week, was alleviated within minutes in the skilful hands of a knowledgeable practitioner.

A1+ service, thank you so much.

Richie Kent

Fantastic service

February 6, 2024

I called Simply Fox with painful blocked ears and was delighted they got me in so quick .

I was reassured all through the ear irrigation and the whole procedure was perfect .

I came away head ache gone ears clear and would not hesitate to book again if needed .

The whole appointment was calm friendly and professional !!!!

Mary Dyer


November 8, 2023

Met David this morning for the first time as I needed a syringing of my blocked right ear, which had been driving me mad for a few days. I was a little early for my appointment but David was waiting and the whole procedure for both ears took about 20 minutes. I had been offered an appointment as soon as I had used oil in my ears for three days, so very quickly seen. I was a little concerned but he put me completely at my ease with his professional and kind manner and I would thoroughly recommend Simply Ears if you are needing any removal of wax. What a wonderful relief – one very happy lady! Thank you so much David, I am very grateful to you.

Elaine Martin

Skin Tag removal on my eye lids

October 24, 2023

Many people (GPs) had told me this was impossible because of the eye’s proximity and the eyelids’ thinness. David looked and took up the challenge; the results were brilliant. The process was straightforward and (mostly) painless and now, 2 weeks later, it’s as if the 12 tags never existed. Superb. Simply Fox continues to impress me.

Simon Dover