B12 Injections
Ear Syringing/ wax removal 
Lip and Dermal Fillers  
Skin Boosters, Profhilo
Wrinkle Treatments
Cheek, Chin and Nose Fillers
Excessive Underarm Sweating
Teeth Grinding treatment 
Facial thread vein treatment
Microneedling and Mesotherapy
Cryotherapy or Diathermy for removal of:
Warts, Skin tags, Verrucas, Age spots
Benign lesions



Trained by leading Consultant Cosmetic Surgeons and recognised training providers.

Free of charge, no obligation initial consultation  –  Fully trained and insured

Isle of Wight Council Licensed

There’s no way of stopping the ageing process, but there are things you can do to give yourself a more youthful appearance.

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet, drinking plenty  of water and regular exercise along with healthy lifestyle choices will improve physical and mental wellbeing and also how you look .

The skin is the largest organ in the body and a good skin care regime will also help improve its condition and its appearance.

Dermal Fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections are another way of helping you to appear younger and can also be used to enhance features.

Evening and weekend appointments also available by prior arrangement.

I was exceptionally pleased with the professional service offered by Simply Fox.

To be able to have this treatment at home ensured it was discreet as I didn’t want to be seen walking in to a salon.

Emma was professional throughout the treatment. She went through the procedure with me and made me feel completely at ease.

The procedure was quick and painless and the results were amazing!

I previously felt I looked tired and worn out. It took a few days to start noticing effects and after 10 days my forehead lines had gone and my crow’s feet dramatically reduced.

I now feel more confident and look younger, exactly the results I was looking for from this treatment.

The effect is natural and while people have commented on how well I look now, no one has guessed it was a result of having Botox.

Thank you, Emma. I highly recommend Simply Fox.