Other Clinic Services

Vitamin B12 Injections

We recommend you have your FBC, b12 and folate levels monitored by your GP and you inform your GP (and Consultant if you have one) that you are receiving this treatment.

Filler Dissolving Service

If you have previous filler, you may decide you wish to have this removed, such as any lumps from a previous treatment with another practitioner. It may be possible to dissolve the remaining filler. Not all filler can be easily dissolved, some cheaper imported fillers can be resistant to dissolving. It would be helpful to ask your previous practitioner what brand was used.

A consultation will be needed, and price will depend on size of area treated.

Please enquire for details

Eyelash Enhancing treatment

Lattisse is a prescription only eye lash serum available in the USA. It is manufactured by Allegan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm.

Lattisse is not yet available in the UK, but the product is marketed in this country as Lumigan eye drops. The active ingredient is bimatoprost and can be prescribed off licence to enable UK residents to benefit from its lash enhancing qualities.

Please enquire for more details. A prescription is needed for this product.

Latisse Product Insert

Treatment for Skin Concerns and pigmentation.

Please enquire for details