The Initial Consultation is free with no obligation to proceed or book any treatment.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections using Botox® to the upper face 

1 area £200 

2 areas £250 

3 areas £275 

Bunny Lines £50 when treated with one of above areas

Chemical Brow Lift £50 when treated with one of above areas or £200 if treated as one area on its own

Massetter ( Wide Jaw) / treatment for excessive teeth grinding (Bruxism) -£295 

Nefertiti- Neck Lift- £295 

Exessive underarm sweating- £375


Fillers for facial lines using the Juvederm® range

from £200 per 0.55ml syringe 

from £300 per 1ml syringe 

Topical Local anaesthetic cream is used for all filler treatment- unless you chose not to have this. The Juvederm® range also contains lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic.

LNI ( Local Nerve Infiltration using local injected anaesthetic or a nerve block (also known as a Dental Block) can be offered with lip filler treatment to provide more comfort during treatment in addition to topical anaesthetic, if you require. 

Lip Fillers – using the Juvederm® Range

from £200 for 0.55ml syringe 

from £300 for 1ml syringe  

Cheeks and Facial Sculpturing using  Juvederm® Range


Cheek Augmentation from £350 

Chin Augmentation from £350 

Jawline Sculpturing from £350 

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) from £400 

Tear trough fillers from £400



Hand Filler from £300 using Radiesse® range

The amount needed for all treatments will depend on the product used, area being treated and amount of enhancement required which will affect pricing.

An initial free, no obligation consultation, with a full assesment will allow a personal quote with no obligation to proceed.

Any Subsequent Syringes used at the time of treatment will benefit from a £50 reduction.